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I'm on a mission to give you a Lift, help you take control of your life and unlock your true potential.

I've helped 10's of thousands of people throughout my career as a Public Speaker & Coach. Lift Club is a community where you can use tried and tested tools and techniques to unlock that potential.


Being part of Lift Club, you'll receive weekly mindset emails, downloadable PDF's, tools to create positive habits, routines to set you up for success and much more to get your mindset on track to be the best version of YOU. You'll also be joining a positive community of people who genuinely want you to succeed! 

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As a World Record Holder, I've lifted 1 million kg's in 24 hours. As a Performance Coach, I want to lift 1 million people - no matter how long it takes!

Who's it for?

I've spent my life being doubted and if my story is anything to go by it should be proof that anyone can achieve anything.


To achieve your true potential you need to start with desire, have the right tools and be in the right environment.


Joining Lift Club is your first step but if you're looking to reach your true potential you'll receive the right tools, be in the right environment and if you need a Lift on some days, it'll be there for you. You'll also be surrounded with positive people who will support your journey.

Do you want extraordinary results? It's time to invest in yourself!


    Every month
     30 day free trial
    • Weekly mindset emails to give you a Lift
    • Downloadable PDF's on mindset
    • Routines for daily success
    • Tools to take action straight away
    • Techniques to reach your true potential
    • Exclusive membership to a positive community

Do you want
to give your
staff a Lift?

Enquire For Lift Club Corporate


Thanks for registering an interest in Lift Club Corporate. We'll be in touch within the next 48 hours.

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