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Josh Llewellyn-Jones is a World Record Holder for lifting 1 million kg's in under 24 hours, an average of 755kg's per minute for 22hrs and 11 minutes. 

As well as being a weightlifting World Record Holder, he's also completed multiple endurance challenges including 24hrs of non-stop squats and a 381 mile, 5 day triathlon which started with a 21 mile swim. 

Josh launched Lift Club Fitness (part of the Lift Club group) to help people achieve their fitness goals. The programs are designed so you can enter your results and track your performance throughout the duration of the programme.


New programs will be added each month so depending on your fitness goals, there'll be plenty to choose from depending on your goals and lifestyle. 

Lift your fitness. Lift your mind. 

All programmes are in spreadsheet format so you can enter your personal results each day/week to track your performance.


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