Let's get a few things straight; 

1. I HATE the title Life Coach

2. I HATE the fact that Life Coaches talk about their qualifications more than their experiences

3. The letters after my name weren't given to me after a 16 hour course on how to help people

Now that's off my chest, I'd like to introduce you to The Life Coach for people who don't need a Life Coach... me! You see I'm the same as many people who think 'I don't need a life coach, I've got what I want out of life. What do they know?'

I'm afraid to say like me, you've probably had an encounter with a typical Life Coach who's done one of many courses and got a nice shiny badge to say they now have the ability to plan your life for the better and make you more successful. The problem with this approach is that very rarely will you learn more from a book or course than you will from genuine life experience.

A few more things I'd like to point out;

1. I've never been homeless

2. I'm not a millionaire

3. I'm not going to tell you what to do


I think you'll agree there've been many times in my life I've been very unfortunate but what's unfortunate for me, is fortunate for you.  I've developed a unique set of skills (this is starting to sound like a film) which will allow you to progress towards an even happier, healthier and more positive mindset no matter what's thrown at you. 

I'm passionate about people and personal development in every area. Whilst we all get stuck in various ruts throughout life, a different approach will help you understand that these ruts are mostly in your mind. That's where my job starts; to get rid of any 'inner limitations' you've set yourself. 

What you shouldn't expect

1. A list of celebrities/CEO's I've worked with

2. 'Spiritual Healing' 

3. Me telling you what to do

What you should expect

1. Real conversations that you've probably never had

2. Uncomfortable questions (nothing grows in your comfort zone)

3. Motivation like you've never experienced before


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