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Injuries, injuries, injuries...

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The injury list goes on!

Yes, as most of you now know, I tend to carry a lot of injuries.

10 days before the million kilo challenge, I had stress fractures in my right hand.

3 months before the 5 day continuous triathlon, I tore my ATFL ligament in my left ankle badly.

With 4 weeks to go before my 24 marathons in 24 days, I'm still carrying the ATFL injury but have also damaged the 'Gracilis' muscle just next to the knee joint on my left leg.

It's really strange because I didn't feel anything during training and then all of a sudden I couldn't squat or run. I went to see a good friend of mine who's worked on me before, Stuart Clarke.

He worked on it for about 30 minutes and last night I did some stretching in the gym. I have to say it's still difficult to run so that's out for this week. With only 6 weeks to go I find myself in a familiar position.

He did ask me 'How are your calves feeling?' to which I responded 'Yeah, they're fine.'. And then he started working on them and they were far from fine. I've done so much since my last physio session and it reminded me just how important it is to get treatment regularly, especially when the work load is this high.

So a lesson to be learnt, pain is just temporary but with age, the word temporary tends to mean 'just a little longer'!

I'm now used to starting a challenge injured, maybe it's my age creeping up on me but I won't let it stop me. Even if I have to crawl, I'll complete every one of the 628 miles.


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