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How I got my best lung function at the age of 32

As someone who is seen as an influence in the cystic fibrosis world, I've thought long and hard how to word this post. Last week I announced I'd be testing a device to help me improve my lung capacity. After 4 weeks of being on my new drugs (Symkevi & Kalydeco) I started to feel better so I did a lung function test to get my base results before starting to use the new device.

My results were 4.2l capacity and 100%. The 100% means that I have the same lung capacity as someone of the same age, weight, height and ethnicity. For someone of the age of 32 with cystic fibrosis this is a good result so I was extremely happy with this.

It's safe to say I'm always dubious about a devices claiming to give me actual results, especially when I have just blown my best results in 5 years (I put this 100% result down to the new drugs).

I started the 3 minute training programmes on the device and used it for 15-21 minutes a day. After a week using the device, I did another lung function test. This is the bit where I was a little anxious and even a little pessimistic. Quite frankly, if nothing had changed I'd still be over the moon with 100% and I'd be happy to put the device in a drawer to stay.

Excuse the pun but I was genuinely blown away! As you can see from the results below, I've gained 10% in a week! It's taken me a little while to word this post because I don't want to mislead people. Some days you feel great, some days you don't so results can vary widely but just for the record, I felt great on both test days.

There are lots of breathing techniques/devices for cystic fibrosis but I've never used them because I've found them to be very boring and quite frankly, haven't seen performance benefits. The Airofit device gives me data I understand and I find using it really exciting. It doesn't look like a medical device and I feel like an athlete using it, not someone with a lung disease.

To be able to say at the age of 32, I've got the biggest lung capacity I've EVER had makes me quite emotional. My lung capacity is 4.7litres! God knows what challenges I'll be able to do now so look out!

I've spoken to the company at length about the cystic fibrosis community and I've managed to get 10% off for everyone so if you want more information on the Airofit device please click here and use code 'Joshlj24'at the checkout to get your 10% off.


Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson
Jul 31, 2022

I Have COPD industrial accident / disease. I would be very interested in more information please.


Hello Josh I Read tour article with stunning resulta shown. I'm diagnoses with COPD and asthma. Ik like to five this a try. Do you know if the basic version communicaties with the smartphone as well?


Unknown member
Jan 08, 2022

An interesting read, thank you. I've just been diagnosed with non CF bronchiectasis. My brother coincidentally, after speaking to a physio friend, told me to buy one of these.

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