What I'm doing about Coronavirus

I've been asked by many cystic fibrosis parents what I'm doing about Coronavirus so I decided to write this blog. I am in no means a professional, expert or doctor so please don't take this as advice, this is clearly just informing those who've asked.

I've never worried about catching a cold or getting bugs, in fact, I've probably grown up and been thrown into areas where most children haven't, but it's built up my immune system. Coronavirus is clearly a little different to the normal 'virus' as there is no vaccination and it's very new.

As many of you will have read in my open letter, I do believe that mass participation events should be postponed and we're seeing with the London marathon, Manchester marathon and other sporting events that it's starting to happen. It's difficult to know how long this will go on for and if/when the country may go into lockdown.

So what am I doing? In short, I'm being that little bit more careful than normal and training harder. It's VERY important for everyone to understand I have a high lung function and my general fitness/wellbeing is very good and this IS NOT ADVICE for you, it's just what I'm doing.

1. I'm washing my hands regularly AND using hand sanitiser

2. I'm trying my best not to touch my face. This is the hardest thing as subconsciously, we do this on average 90 times a day

3. I'm not going to places with large groups of people

4. If I am walking to the shops/in the shops, I'm keeping a little distance between me and others where I can (1-2m if possible)

5. I'm not seeing friends who have been away or been on public transport in the last 4-5 days

6. I'm exercising harder than usual to keep fit and healthy

7. I'm conscious of the surfaces I come into contact with and have hand sanitiser in my car for when I'm out and about

8. I'm trying to keep a couple of windows open in the house so there's a bit of fresh air circulating

9. I'm using mouthwash at least twice a day

10. I'm not letting anyone else's opinions impact my decisions

All in all, I'm trying to be responsible, sensible and do what I think is right for others around me, not just myself.

I know of 2 cases of cystic fibrosis patients getting Coronavirus in Italy. One is 27 and recovering well at home and the other is an infant and seems to be recovering at home too. Whilst we don't know they're specific backgrounds/health situations, this is very promising.

I think due to the fact that Coronavirus seems to be the only thing in the media currently, it can be hugely overwhelming and it's definitely making people anxious. Whilst I think everyone needs to be well informed, be more careful and social distancing should be promoted, we must try to not let it consume us.

The panic buying that's currently going on is just madness and I do think we need to think about others as much as we think of ourselves. I'm only buying things I need for a week. I appreciate if the UK goes into lockdown, people will need more supplies but for now, we should be more responsible.

It was only weeks ago everyone and their dog jumped on the #BeKind campaign and now it seems it's every man for himself. That is the one thing that saddens me most about what this virus has brought to light, many (not all) don't seem to stop and think about those most in need.

Stay safe and if you need any information on the official guidance, please see here -


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